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Ché McFerrin - Secretary

Supplier Diversity Lead and Sourcing Specialist, NRG Energy

Ché McFerrin is the Supplier Diversity Lead and Sourcing Specialist with NRG Energy, Inc. She joined NRG with eight+ years of experience in diverse-business development in both private and government sectors. In her current role, she assists diverse-owned business enterprises in maximizing their opportunities to participate in NRG’s procurement and sourcing processes. She also oversees the Supplier Registration Tool that is utilized from a Supply Chain and Safety Team perspective to qualify all suppliers.

Prior to joining NRG in 2011, Ché was involved in the development of Halliburton’s Supplier Diversity initiatives. She was instrumental in building innovative strategies and educated and mobilized Halliburton’s employees as advocates. She aligned supplier diversity with global sourcing and procurement initiatives; and established a defined metrics and measure system to chart progress toward world-class standards. 

Ché’s professional recognition includes “The 2010 Best in the Decade” from MBN-US magazine. Her career includes work as a Certification Specialist at the Port of Houston Authority, and a Supplier Diversity Specialist at the Houston Independent School District. She has also worked for several Fortune 500 companies, including Continental Airlines and Federal Express.